2009 Rocky Mountain Teacher Fair

Letter of Intent

A Letter of Intent is submitted to notify the authorizer in advance of a founding group’s intention to submit a charter school application for consideration by the Board of Education.  Founding groups should contact the potential authorizer (School District or Charter School Institute) and investigate the required procedure for submitting such a letter.

In addition, the founding group should schedule a meeting with the staff member designated by your potential authorizer.  Introduce your steering committee members, your vision for your school and find out if there is any information you need to be aware of in the process of applying to your authorizer. Obtain a copy of the school district’s policy for accepting and processing charter school applications. If applying to the Charter School Institute, obtain their Request for Proposals.

This letter of intent is different from the letter of interest from prospective parents which ensures the authorizer that there is sufficient enrollment interest in the community.

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