2009 Rocky Mountain Teacher Fair

Vision and Mission

A charter school application must have a mission statement (CRS 22-30.5-106 Charter application – contents) for the proposed school. The vision statement is a statement of how the charter school will look once it is operating (the big picture view). The mission statement is how the school intends to make that vision a reality.

The mission statement should be succinct, easy to understand and remember. Many schools post their vision/mission statement throughout their building and use it in their printed materials (e.g. Parent/Student Handbook). Resist the temptation to please everyone with the mission statement. Instead define your school for potential students, parents and staff. Be as clear as possible and don’t use education “jargon.” Again, be clear so as to lend clarity to those who will ultimately implement the vision over the life of the charter school.

During this discussion, many founders name their charter school. Before deciding on a school name, consult the list of established charter schools and don’t replicate or use a similar name for your new charter school.

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