2009 Rocky Mountain Teacher Fair

Academic Program

The academic program research will provide detail in areas that the developing group must address. For instance, Colorado has adopted the Response to Intervention( RtI) model for use in student interventions and also as part of the identification process for Special Education determination through assessment and staffing meetings. There are 3 tiers of intervention that should be clearly understood and defined as to how they will fit into the school's program.

The group will need to thoroughly understand the requirements of the RtI model, the requirements for differentiating for various student needs such as English Language Learners, and how these can be used within the curricular and instructional models that have been chosen by the school. This is the point where all of the ideas for the school design coalesce into a well-defined and well-integrated program, with all supports in place to implement it. These supports will include everything from texts and supplemental programs, assessments and data tracking, staffing needs, professional development, financial support, adequate time in the schedule, space needs, and evaluation of the overall program and staff contributions and effectiveness. In other words, the overall program description should clearly come across as being ready to implement because it provides detail sufficient to indicate a strong academic program.

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