2009 Rocky Mountain Teacher Fair

Application Assistance

Developing groups should contact the New School Development (NSD) office at The League in order to discuss application needs and to schedule a review of their charter application. This department's primary focus is to offer Technical Assistance (TA) to new school groups as they go through the application process in order to support the development of schools that are high quality from the day they open. The NSD office provides a two-step application review process that is available to applicants who apply for a planning grant through the League NSD office. A team of at least three reviewers carefully reads each section of the application and provides constructive feedback on the quality of your application as measured against the Quality Standards for Developing Charter Schools.

Developers then have an opportunity to make revisions and submit the application to The League for a final review. This review provides suggested final revisions to the application. At least one of the reviewers will be new to the application team for the final review, to better evaluate revision clarity. Detailed information about this process can be accessed on the League website NSD Resources page.

The League asks participants of this program to sign an agreement to commit to the Quality Standards and to become a member school after receiving a charter approval.

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