2009 Rocky Mountain Teacher Fair

Based on feedback

In order to allow time for revisions after the League's two-step review process, near final draft applications should be emailed to the League at least two months prior to an authorizer's submission deadline. A budget and attachments should be included. The Quality Standards have been developed and refined over several years of applications, and are based on best practices, state statute, and areas of concern to authorizers. Authorizers can only determine whether a charter proposal is well-developed, and likely to produce a quality program that helps children be successful academically, if the school design has clear/coherent programs that are research-based and carefully articulated. Programs also need to show they are cohesive, i.e. professional development should tie into the curricular design, support assessment of student performance, include planning time, meetings, and trainings, and also be supported financially.

The League's independent consultants review the application from the perspectives of both supporting development of a quality school and also from that of an authorizer. The reviewers will look for completeness and whether or not the entire program is well-thought-out, high-quality and likely to be ready to implement once approved. The questions that are raised during the review are likely to be raised by an authorizer, and point out areas that need more thought, research, and development. This critique will help the developers better define their program and help determine whether the group is ready to move forward and submit their application. The ultimate goal is to have schools open as high-quality learning environments that are good for kids, producing academically excellent programs with demonstrated results.

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