2009 Rocky Mountain Teacher Fair

Legal Counsel

At this point in the application process, the founding group will want to identify and initiate contact with an attorney who has experience with charter school law. In some circumstances, the school may need to retain legal counsel earlier in the process if unique issues arise. The League and the Schools of Choice Unit at CDE can help identify when a situation merits review or assistance from an attorney. Once the application is approved, the founding group will need legal representation in order to navigate contract negotiations. Should the application be denied by the authorizer, the founding group may choose to appeal the decision to the State Board of Education, which will also require legal representation.

In addition to preparing for contract negotiations, establishing a relationship with an attorney at this point in the school's development will also be helpful as employment documents, policies, and school handbooks are prepared. Some schools keep an attorney on retainer for review of such documents or for assistance when questions arise. Other schools pay an hourly consulting rate when legal review is required. The cost of paying an attorney will vary.

Please contact the League at startacharter@coloradoleague.org for a list of Colorado Legal Counsel that specialize in various aspects of charter school law.

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