2009 Rocky Mountain Teacher Fair

Pre Review Requirements

Some authorizers require applicants to submit a draft of the application to them, for staff review, prior to submitting it to the district board for final approval. Other districts require that an applicant complete an Intent to Submit form before submitting an application. It is imperative that applicants contact their prospective authorizer and ask to speak with the charter school liaison for the district. The applicant should let this staff person know their intention to file a charter application and ask for any policies that govern the application process for that authorizer. Deadlines may be set by the authorizer within the statutory limitations between August 1st and October 1st of each school year. However, the pre-review may be required 30 days prior to the submission date, and some authorizers have an early submission cycle in addition to the fall deadlines. It is important to both let the district know your intention to file an application, so they can notify you of any changes to policy (they are required to do this by law if they know of your intent to submit an application), and to understand the deadlines, application process and content requirements. The authorizer's deadline is final and must be met, or an applicant should have special permission granted, through mutual agreement, to vary from the policy.

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