2009 Rocky Mountain Teacher Fair

Public Hearings

Several districts in Colorado will hold two public hearings as part of the charter application approval process. The first hearing is to provide the applicants with time to present the application and answer any questions the local school board may have. The second hearing is typically when the local board of education will make a final decision to accept or deny the charter application. The decision to accept or deny the application must be made within ninety days of receipt of an application. At one or both of the hearings, the local board of education will also hear from the district staff or the application readers regarding their recommendations with respect to the application.

It is helpful to have as many members as possible attend the public hearings for two reasons. First, the entire founding group should be present to address any final questions the local board of education may have. It is important for the founding group to demonstrate that they have a comprehensive understanding of their application. It may be helpful to have more than one individual addressing any questions to show a distribution of knowledge and expertise. Second, a group of prospective parents and supportive community members should be present at the public hearings to demonstrate widespread support for the proposed school.

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