2009 Rocky Mountain Teacher Fair

Questions, Interviewing, Editing and Revisions

Every authorizer will have a different process for reading and reviewing charter applications. School district staff members and, in many cases, additional trained application reviewers will read and evaluate the charter applications and make a recommendation to the local board of education. Oftentimes, there will be questions and requests for clarification prior to the staff recommendation and the public hearings. The founding group should respond promptly and professionally to such requests. It is helpful to plan a single point of contact and a process for submitting responses to the authorizer. If changes and edits to the application are required, the district must give the applicant "reasonable opportunity to provide additional information to the local board of education for review." Quite often the requests from the district are not large changes; they are an opportunity for the district/CSI to ensure that the applicant understands the issues and for the purpose of clarification.

Many school districts and CSI also require an interview with the applicants. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet the board and/or district representatives and promote the proposed school. The interview also serves to further develop the charter school/authorizer relationship and for both parties, to provide clarification on any outstanding questions or issues.

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