2009 Rocky Mountain Teacher Fair

Start-up Documents

The start-up documents that a founding group will want to access include those that provide education and guidance during the application writing phases. These resources will become invaluable to the group as the school program is developed. Seeking out training and education is imperative during this Preliminary Exploration phase of development, and having access to the most useful documents will help tremendously.

The primary document a steering committee should use to guide the development of the charter application is Colorado Charter School: Standard Application Guidebook and Review Rubric and the embedded Quality Standards for Developing Charter Schools. In addition the Colorado Charter School Start up/Operating Handbook provides extensive information and additional resources valuable during the start-up phases. The Colorado League of Charter Schools also provides a menu of services and resources to steering committees. It would be helpful for all members of the steering committee to have access to, or copies of, these documents for reference.

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