2009 Rocky Mountain Teacher Fair

Submit to the Authorizers

The window for submitting the application is established by state statute to be no earlier than August 1st and no later than October 1st. Several authorizers have waived this timeline and have an application deadline in the spring so  it is important to check with the individual school district or the Charter School Institute for their exact deadline  There is no fee when submitting a charter school application.  It is not a recommended practice to submit your application to more than one authorizer.

When the application is ready for submittal, the founding group must continue to prepare for the authorizers review process which may include interviews, written questions and responses, and two public hearings. If the required elements of the application are missing, the authorizer may deem that an application is incomplete, and may request additional information (within fifteen days after receiving a charter school application, the school district shall determine whether the application contains the minimum componenets specified in section 22-30-.5-106 (1)). Only complete applications will be reviewed. Founders should respond to any requests in a timely manner. Once an authorizer has received a complete application, the authorizer has ninety  days to approve or deny the charter school application, from the day it is submitted until the decision date.

The authorizer will hold two public hearings prior to approving the application. During public hearings, it will be important to show community support; therefore, maintaining communication with prospective parents and supportive community partners is important during this phase of development. In addition, founders should engage the assistance of legal counsel and review timelines in preparation for charter approval.

During the ninety day review period, founders should use this time to further develop the school by pursuing options for school facilities, training existing and prospective board members, reviewing the sample contract language and waivers, preparing policies, etc.

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