2009 Rocky Mountain Teacher Fair

Student Enrollment

The school cannot begin enrolling students until the charter contract is fully executed. However, the school can begin to prepare the forms, procedures, and documents that will be necessary for enrollment. Charter schools may choose to use standard district forms, may use forms that correlate to the student information systems the school plans to use, or may be developed independently by the charter school. Whatever the selected template may be, it is important to have legal counsel review the forms for completeness and compliance with privacy laws and civil rights laws.

Once the contract is in place, the charter school may begin enrolling students. Student records should be transferred to the charter school, and, by law, must be kept on site at the school. The charter school may need to formally request that the records be transferred and the school district should be able to assist with this process. The school administrator can then begin planning for students with special needs, Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), and appropriate class placement. The school should also be prepared to manage student data (both demographic and academic) electronically in advance of opening the school.

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