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What is the difference between the Colorado Department of Education and the Colorado League of Charter Schools?

Colorado Department of Education

The Colorado Department of Education is the state agency responsible for providing support and service to public schools and school districts in Colorado. There are over forty offices in the department that provide structure and accountability to the educational system. One of the many offices, the Schools of Choice unit, offers support and service to developing, new, and established charter schools in Colorado. The office provides numerous resources and technical assistance programs for charter schools, as well as training opportunities across the state. New charter schools have access to funding through a Start-up and Implementation Grant program that is administered by the School’s of Choice unit.

The Schools of Choice unit also provides assistance to individuals seeking information about home school and private school options in Colorado.

Colorado League of Charter Schools

The Colorado League of Charter Schools is a non-profit, membership organization dedicated to supporting the more than 200 charter schools in the state. The League is committed to helping these schools reach higher levels of student performance and overall success by providing information and resources, including technical support, advocacy, public relations assistance, and much more. Membership with the League is open to all charter schools in Colorado. The League also provides guidance and technical assistance for developing charter school groups, such as charter application reviews, contract negotiations, and general start up support.

And what is the Colorado Charter School Institute?

In 2004, House Bill 04-1362 created the Colorado Charter School Institute (CSI). CSI has the authority to approve or deny charter school applications, monitor Institute charter school operations, and assist in conversion of a district charter school to an Institute charter school. CSI may authorize charter schools in districts that have not retained exclusive authority to authorize charter schools within their district. For a list of districts where the Colorado Charter School Institute may authorize a charter school, go to http://www.cde.state.co.us/cdechart/distauthinfo.